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Posted by:FeddGs
Subject:Signal strength
Date:19:54:35 31/08/2015

> I'm using kismet from kali2. I activated the signal strength network column, but it shows the strength just temporally for a short time. Mostly "---" is shown.
> I want to adjust my antenna with the help of the value, but it's impossible with that behavior. Do you have a hint for me, how to do it? Maybe another software is better for this? But kismet is the only passive wifi application I know. :(


Did you found any way to solve this issue? Im having the same problem :(

I have also some issues related to signal strength, Kismet is actually showing inconsistent values, here is a test using telnet to communicate with kismet_server (using capability BSSID bssid,signal_dbm):

*BSSID: 1C:7E:E5:XX:XX:XX -118
*BSSID: FC:94:E3:XX:XX:XX -98
*BSSID: FC:94:E3:XX:XX:XX -98
*BSSID: 1C:7E:E5:XX:XX:XX -128
*BSSID: 40:F2:01:XX:XX:XX 113
*BSSID: 1C:7E:E5:XX:XX:XX -123
*BSSID: 1C:7E:E5:XX:XX:XX -123

Im using an Atheros (AR9271) adapter, with ath9k drivers. My ncsources are setup in the following way:


I have this issue only in Kali2, it's works ok on previous versions of Kali and Debian 7.

Any clue about this?!



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