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Posted by:nathanvanan
Subject:kismet 2008-05-R1 failed on x64
Date:16:04:59 05/08/2015

I ported my "kismet-2008-05-R1"-based to a x64 platform. Everything went OK but the channel number and signal level and other few params are messed up.

But the same sw works perfectly on x32 platforms. I debugged and narrowed down the issue to this section of the code.

for (last_presentp = &hdr->it_present;
(EXTRACT_LE_32BITS(last_presentp) & BIT(IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_EXT)) != 0 &&
(u_char*)(last_presentp + 1) <= data + EXTRACT_LE_16BITS(&hdr->it_len);
last_presentp++) {

if ((EXTRACT_LE_32BITS(last_presentp) & BIT(IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_EXT)) != 0) {
return ret;

then I cross-checked these lines of the code with the latest version (2015) and found out that the same code works perfectly on x64....

I checked the associated macros and functions, everything is same. I'm really puzzled and stuck.

can someone give any clues to get this fixed .....thanks.

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