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Posted by:jschurt
Subject:How get MAC address, dbm_signal and time stamp?
Date:18:50:35 25/07/2015

Hi folks,

I´m trying get the macadd, signal dbm and time stamp from devives near of my access point but I don´t know what the best approach to achive that.

I wrote a small client (using python) to connect Kismet using the port 2501.

My script use "client protocol" from Kismet but I´m having some doubts.

First of all, I get data with "first date" and "last date" like that (datetime in timestamp):

mac signal_dbm firsttime last time
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:21 10/04/2015 18:27:12
AAAA -79 10/04/2015 18:23:38 10/04/2015 18:26:42

Whats is the meaning of this data and dates??

In fact I would like get data from Kismet like that.

mac signal_dbm timestamp
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:21
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:26
AAAA -79 10/04/2015 18:20:31

Is this possible?

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