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Posted by:jschurt
Subject:wish to customize Kismet to get and send captured MAC address
Date:18:41:57 25/07/2015

> > Hello,
> > I am new to Kismet. I am trying to customize the Kismet a little to sniffer nearby wireless MAC address (for those passing smartphones, not the nearby AP) and send it to another program through, for example, UDP. Could you please tell me which source code I should focus on? Thank you so much.
> >
> > pflee2002
> You should better check the client protocol. You can extract fields that you want like mac address, timestamp etc...


I´m using client protocol but I´m having some doubts.

When I get Client Kismet data, I get some data like that (datetime in timestamp):

mac signal_dbm firsttime last time
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:21 10/04/2015 18:27:12
AAAA -79 10/04/2015 18:23:38 10/04/2015 18:26:42

Whats is the meaning of this data??

In fact I would like get data from Kismet like that.

mac signal_dbm timestamp
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:21
AAAA -81 10/04/2015 18:20:26
AAAA -79 10/04/2015 18:20:31

This is possible?

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