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Posted by:tahirk
Subject:Kismet running on Open-Mesh device
Date:16:56:25 24/06/2015


I have managed to get an Open-Mesh CloudTrax device to run Kismet (albeit on a single channel) however having an odd issue.

We wanted to retain the CloudTrax functionality so decided to use Kismet and after a lot of trial and error got it working by creating a monitor interface (mon0), setting hop to false and forcing Kismet to create a VAP interface.

So when I run the ifconfig command I see both the mon0 and mon0mon (VAP) interface created by Kismet when its started up.

If I start Kismet manually works fine captures data to a .netxml file however when I call the kismet_server command from an ash script script Kismet doesn't always create the VAP interface.

The script is fairly simple, checks for the two interfaces, deletes them and recreates them and finally starts the Kismet server and this is an init.d script so I can start/stop Kismet server from another script or manually from a remote console.

I can't workout why it's not starting my only suspicion is that Kismet server thinks the interface exists and therefore doesn't create another one.

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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