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Posted by:yonorri
Subject:Kismet and the R-PI 2 with daul band wifi dongle.
Date:14:48:01 18/06/2015

Possibly of interest to the group.

We have an ongoing project here at work whereby we manage a remote wireless estate for which the client needs comprehensive documentation and as usual companies are not willing to spen any money.

So a r-pi with gps and a dual band wireless dongle and kismet and a few days work and we now have a daul band wifi scanner.

CSL 300Mbit USB WLAN Adapter with 2 high-performance antennas (dual band) (RT5572)
HAB-GPSPI+-ASSY (r-pi 2 gps board)
Antenna GPS Embedded SMA
r-pi 2
16G sdcard

(many) kismet client(s), we've tried a few
kismet mysql connector

The unit will operate completely headless and logs to a mysql database using a perl script with Kismet::Client

Things that the startup scripts accomplish are:
Restart all logging with fresh logs, here we just logrotate to an old folder.
Restart the database with fresh db, mysqldump and then reload the database schema.

This means that when finished the battery power can just be pulled from the unit and all tidying up is done a startup.

The kismet_server sysv init script will switch the wifi dongle into monitor mode a start and switch it back to managed mode at stop, this could be used to connect to the pi via wifi, although we have a fixed ip for the lan on the pi and connect using dhcp which is also running on the pi.

Things to do:
Improve the database schema.
Add another wireless dongle so that we can also send live data back to a home server.

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