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Posted by:MaxWandelaar
Subject:end-time in netxml file
Date:08:43:20 17/11/2014

Hi all.
I've been using kismet for over 8 years now and this is my first post on this forum.

We have build an appliance using kismet and we are migrating all our appliances to kismet-2013. When i start comparing the results in the correcponding xml-files, i noticed that i'm missing the end-time tag in the net-xml-file, when it still was there in the old 2009-xml-result-file.

As the netxml-file is pointing to a dtd-file, i examined the fields in there and it shows the tag:

<!ELEMENT detection-run ( comment?,wireless-network* )>
<!ATTLIST detection-run kismet-version CDATA "na"
start-time CDATA "na"
end-time CDATA "na">

But when i examine a netxml file, the end-time is not there:

<detection-run kismet-version="2013.03.R0" start-time="Fri Aug 22 10:58:08 2014">

And it's reporting version 2013.03.R0, but i'm sure i compiled 2013.03.R1b

Does anybody know why the end-time is left-out? Now i need to check the filesystem-timestamps to be sure when the session was ended.


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