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Posted by:rgrmatt
Subject:Where can I find more documentation sending/receiving commands?
Date:20:12:58 22/10/2014

Hi all,
Long time kismet user, thanks a ton. I am building my own touch screen interface for a Raspberry PiTFT with Java. I have successfully developed my own KismetClient object to maintain a connection with the kismet server and send/receive commands.

My question:

With the *BSSID protocol, what are the values for type and what are their respective meanings? I am trying to only grab networks that don't have a channel set to 0 and the type is infrastructure. Does a network type 0 mean infrastructure?

The reason I am doing this is because I just want to get a basic network count of how many SOHO networks I have seen.

Thanks again and cant wait to share my new toy when I am done!

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