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Posted by:Tarunkalluri
Subject:Kismet not detecting the Ubertooth One device.
Date:12:52:09 04/07/2014


I am trying to detect BLE packets from a beacon through Ubertooth, with the help of Kismet. I have installed everything correctly and have even made the necessary changes in Kismet.conf and .rules file. Still, the Ubertooth device would not show up in the plugins(Correct me if I have to look elsewhere). Please guide me in this issue.
Also, whenever I open Kismet(as root, no clue how to get rid of this), it connects to my server with a proxy ID. Can anyone say why this is done? Have read somewhere about sources. How do we put the ubertooth source in conf file of Kismet?
If the Kismet is configured for wireless packet detection, why is it trying to connect to the hostserver and proxy?


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