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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:How to play multple sounds at once?
Date:14:48:09 17/04/2014

> When travelling through an area where the number of networks is going up by 10 per second, I only hear one sound after another. It's like it waits to play the next sound until the first has finished.
> This is more of a problem when there's an alert, over 4 seconds of nothing but one sound.
> I thought there might be some way to make the play command goto the background while it finishes playing the sound, hopefully allowing other sounds to play. I tried changing from "play" to "play &", but of course this doesn't work. How can I make it so kismet will put the filename to be played in between the "play" and "&"? So it would be like this "play alert.wav &".
> Or is there another, better way to be able to hear multiple sounds at once?

There's not really any way to do that in kismet right now. All the sounds go into a pipeline into a playing process and get handled one at a time. You could change the sounds to something shorter.

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