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Posted by:jjt
Subject:KNSGEM functionality with kismet-newcore
Date:17:50:29 16/04/2014

Does anyone know how to convert kismet-newcore log files to look like the old kismet logs? I.E., instead of outputting .netxml, .gpsxml, etc etc, to enable full functionality with knsgem i need the output files to be in the format of the old style .csv, .gps, .xml.

Is there a way to make newcore output the old types, or easily convert the new types to the old types?

If I were to write something that does the conversion, does anyone have a sample of the old file types that I could use as a standard?

I like the old KNSGEM style of coverage mapping/location approximation. Besides what was built into kismon for the mac, I haven't seen anything in the freeware arena that compares to it.

Thanks in advance.


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