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Posted by:markaufflick
Subject:Trying to compile kismet on OS X 10.9
Date:07:54:40 21/03/2014

I've hit the below issue, but I only want to capture BLE (with the ubertooth plugin). Is there a way to skip wifi support while building kismet? I'm something of a cmake noob having not touched it for many years.

> > I was wondering if someone might be able to help. When I run make I get the following error and can't figure out what to do to correct it.
> >
> > Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
> > "_WirelessPrivate", referenced from:
> > _wlc_ioctl in
> > -[DarwinWifi disAssociate] in
> > -[DarwinWifi setChannel:error:] in
> Looks like Apple changed the wireless API; unfortunately I don't know if it's very well documented - it's appeared and vanished randomly between point releases, maybe the next OSX update will fix it? (Or maybe Kismet needs a patch, unfortunately I don't have the new OSX anywhere)

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