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Posted by:emiswelt
Subject:Kismet crashing on OpenWRT Backfire/WRT54GL
Date:23:51:40 19/03/2014


I compiled OpenWRT Backfire (10.03.1) including the kismet package (2010-07-R1), and deployed it to my WRT54GL. I am using the mac80211 drivers.
I also had to manually install libnl after setup.

However, kismet crashes upon startup.

Is there anything I could do to diagnose or even fix this issue?

Output of kismet:

INFO: Reading from config file /etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
INFO: Plugin system disabled by Kismet configuration file or command line
INFO: Setting drone connection buffer to 65535 bytes
INFO: Kismet will attempt to hop channels at 5 channels per second unless
overridden by source-specific options
INFO: No specific sources named on the command line, sources will be read from
INFO: Using hardware channel list 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, 14 channels
on source wlan0
INFO: Source 'wlan0' will attempt to create and use a monitor-only VAP instead
of reconfiguring the main interface
INFO: Created source wlan0 with UUID 530f4e12-afc1-11e3-830f-ef03d51ae201
INFO: Source 'wlan0' ignoring channel= in the source options because it is set
to hop, specify hop=false to lock to a specific channel.
INFO: Disabling channel hopping on source 'wlan0' because the source options
include hop=false
INFO: Source 'wlan0' will be locked to channel 8
INFO: Will attempt to reopen on source 'wlan0' if there are errors
INFO: Created TCP listener on port 2502
INFO: Starting GPS components...
INFO: GPS support disabled in kismet.conf
INFO: Kismet drone starting to gather packets
INFO: Bringing down primary interface 'wlan0' to prevent wpa_supplicant and
NetworkManager from trying to configure it

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