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Posted by:rat
Subject:ath5k failing to capture source, mode get ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument.
Date:03:49:31 27/02/2014

> > >
> > > I'll tweak some code regardless and do a very minor release.
> >
> > Try the Kismet-Stable branch in git and see if it fixes things.
> Done that, still can not capture.
> The weird thing is there's no fatal error except these two I pasted which shouldn't be fatal. I guess it is something with pcap but really don't no where to look at.

Hi again.

After looking the sources I found the error in the condition on the line 598 of the file, the function tries to get the mode of the interface using ioctl and fails with this card/module returning error. The thing is this check is not necessary when using mac80211 and could be placed right after the next block - if(use_mac80211) - which checks and set all for the interface using mac80211 and returns.

The condition just looks misplaced there, moved it after the mac80211 stuff and recompiled, it is capturing now.

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