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Posted by:jinghao
Subject:Per Packet Signal Strength For RTL8187 Dongle on Android
Date:18:23:16 19/02/2014

I got a USB Wifi dongle with RTL8187 chipset, and I've been playing with the Android pcap app for a while. It works quite well. However, there is no per packet RSSI information. Is it because the firmware just doesn't report signal/noise info?

I cloned the source code and checked it out. It seems that's the case. Because we don't modify the packet in Java code. So the question is, can I configure the dongle somehow to let it add extra headers to packets?

The closest I can get is in function rtl8187_start, there are couple of RX conf flags, e.g., RTL818X_RX_CONF_ONLYERLPKT. I don't know if there's a flag to set to enable RSSI reporting. Where can I find docs explaining what these flag does?

----- UPDATE -----
Please see my blog for how I tackled this problem.

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