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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ath5k failing to capture source, mode get ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument.
Date:04:33:12 19/02/2014

> Hello,
> I haven't used Kismet for some time (since release 2011-03-R2) and it worked fine with my ath5k module at that time. Now I'm trying with the last release and kernel version 3.4.78 using the same card and module but it can't start capturing, Kismet give me these messages:
> [SERVER] ERROR: mode get ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument
> [SERVER] ERROR: Failed to get current wireless mode for interface 'wlan0mon',
> check your configuration and consult the Kismet README file
> My capture source is configured to my ifname: ncsource=wlan0.
> I did successfully set my interface to monitor mode using iw and used tcpdump to watch some network traffic if that matters.

There should be another error higher in the output; that shouldn't be a fatal condition.

I'll tweak some code regardless and do a very minor release.

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