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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problem with re-detecting devices
Date:04:32:30 19/02/2014

> hey... I am using Kismet for a project...
> Right now I am stuck at a point that, once Kismet detects a device, it doesn't redetects it, unless the mac is changed.
> I am using log file created by Kismet and Kismet does create log entry only once for a device. Is there way to make Kismet re-log devices that are still being detected?
> Basically I am trying to make Kismet re-scan and log everthing in an interval (15 mins maybe)...
> I know this is doable by a script code which will restart Kismet in a loop over and over again but, it's quite not what I am looking for...
> Any commands or way outs I am missing?

Inspect the first and last time detected.

If you're trying to get runtime data out of kismet, the way to do that is with a client - look at the ruby/ directory for some examples. You don't have to use ruby, any language which can talk to the network socket can do it, but there are example libs in ruby.

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