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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Error: Channel get ioctl failed 22: Invalid argument
Date:04:30:50 19/02/2014

> Hi
> I am trying to use Kismet for Wireless Sniffing.
> The configuration is as:
> Kismet Version: kismet-2013-03-R1b (Latest one)
> OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
> driver: rt73usb (rt73)
> Wireless USB Card: Enter WLAN Dongle supporting 802.11b,80211g ( support monitor mode)
> I followed all instruction... read this complete forum messages ( along with all google pages) but did not get solution for my problem. ( my kismet version is also latest so)
> {kismet.conf-> ncsource=wlan0mon:type=mac80211,hop=true,forcevap=true }
> still getting Error: Channet get ioctl failed 22: Invalid arguments
> Thank You

That shouldn't be a fatal error; there should be some other error higher in the output.

You also should only need:


and make sure it isn't otherwise in use


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