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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet runs at home, gives "ioctl failed 22" at the survey location ... wot?
Date:15:39:58 31/01/2014

> When Kismet comes up it asks the network card what channel it's set for. If the card hasn't been connected (as is the case in my survey location) it says that it's not set at all. Kismet treats this response as an IO error and barfs.
> Whereas in the case of my home network manager would immediately connect and set a channel, so Kismet's query then "worked" as far as the bring-up sequence is concerned.
> It would be nice if the bug were fixed (not my skill) but as a work-round set the channel with a command like
> iwconfig wlan0 channel 6
> (I guess the selected channel doesn't matter), and then start Kismet.

This doesn't actually make sense - it shouldn't matter, and I definitely haven't seen this behavior. I *only* run Kismet on cards that don't connect to networks.

The first thing Kismet does is make a monitor mode vap, and then (assuming you're running a modern kismet version) shuts down the managed mode vap; it won't get along very well WITH a connected card, infact.

What card/drivers/kismet versions?

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