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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer (btscan)
Date:15:34:40 31/01/2014

> Hi all,
> My kismet_server(v2013_03_R1b) process crashes when using the btscan plugin. If the plugin is disabled everything is running fine. I'm running kismet_server without any arguments and only added ncsource=hci0,btscan to the kismet.conf file. My distro is Arch Linux btw. Any pointers? ;-)
> INFO: Detected new bluetooth device "xxxxxxxxxxx", MAC 00:1E:54:E4:8B:
> EA class 0x38010
> *** Error in `kismet_server': munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer:

That's weird.

Did you compile Kismet yourself? If so, it should still have the debug headers - try running it under gdb and post the output of 'bt' (backtrace), that should help isolate where it is.

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