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Posted by:lunokhod
Subject:problem compiling kismet-2013-03-R1b on Raspberry Pi
Date:22:49:30 14/01/2014

Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to build up a small, easily deployable headless (no monitor/keyboard/mouse) Raspberry Pi based WiFi scanning/wardriving appliance.

I've been able to compile and install kismet-2013-03-R1b successfully once and once only on a Raspberry Pi (the first time ironically)!!

I've tried several times since using Raspbian Wheezy, Kali (for Pi) 1.0.5 and 1.0.6, and Pwn Pi and I get the same result... during compilation the Raspberry Pi loses IP connectivity, I lose my SSH session and I have to pull the plug.

After trying to replicate my initial success multiple times I thought I would ask here to see if anyone else has successfully complied, installed and is using Kismet 2013-03-R1b on a Raspberry Pi.

Any ideas out there?


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