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Posted by:tbx546
Subject:Passively monitoring smartphone traffic
Date:00:27:34 25/12/2013

> I'm betting the drivers are giving you bogus data. Plus, if you're channel hopping, you'll only get fragments of the conversation.
> Your best bet is a livecd like pentoo, if you have a USB adapter you can try running it in a virtual machine.
> You'd want to set it to lock to the specific channel, as well.

Thanks for the advice! In my earlier message I meant I'd run captures on all 14 channels individually then did one capture using channel hopping, but they all had the same result.

Can you clarify what you mean by the drivers giving me bogus data? Are they only picking up some of the packets, are they muddling them up...?

Would you suggest running the Pentoo liveCD on my MacBook or on a PC with a wireless card/USB adapter? Also if the traffic is encrypted with WPA (not sure if it is, from the documentation I think Kismet can deal with WEP) then will that cause issues?

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