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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:channel lock but i guess not working
Date:21:14:26 24/12/2013

> Hello guys.
> It my house i found ~15 networks from 1 to 14 channel, in b/g. Well, if i ask to kismet to lock at any channel i still see the others networks with new packages.
> Eg: i lock at channel 7 but at the main list i still see new packages from all other networks in anothers channel.
> How its possible? Because if kismet is locked at ch 7, he should not detect activity in other channels.

Wi-Fi channels overlap significantly. The closer you are to the transmitters, the more overlap you'll see.

Expect AT LEAST 3 channels of overlap, possibly more. I've seen 6 (in other words, the entire spectrum) when close to a transmitter.

Also make sure nothing ELSE is changing the channel; just because Kismet isn't doesn't mean something hasn't changed it in the background.

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