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Posted by:a1cy0ne
Subject:compile errors
Date:14:26:20 29/10/2013

> Slack14
> Kismet-2013-03-R1b
> network controller: Intel Centrino wireless N-2000
> ethernet controller: Realtek RTL8105e
> driver r8169
> laptop: Lenovo Z580
> Kismet configures, compiles, and installs.
> Starts with:
> -can't connect to server local host: 2501
> config.log shows fatal errors:
> -gccs no input files
> -g++ no input files
> ...then several
> -configure: failed program was:
> /*confdefs.h*/
> ...however, ./config seems to recover and continues for several pages and
> terminates with:
> -exit 0
> Compilation and install went smoothly.
> I've read (and re-read) the README, man pages, cruised the net, browsed the forums and tried what I came across to no avail, thinking that because it compiled and stalled, ./configure wasn't the problem. README reference to capture interface type and source as synonyms is confusing. Would appreciate your input.
> Thanks,
> a1cy0ne


I read Dragorn's response to 'can't connect to local host: 2501'. I have write permission to the directory, and it throws the same flag run as root. This version of kismet.config doesn't have an entry for suiduser.

Considering I'm using the current versions of Slackware and Kismet and Linux is Kismet's target OS, what more legitimate place is there for the files configure couldn't find to be than on my hard drive, and where are they sequestered??

At a dead end,

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