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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Error on Kismet Shutdown - Unknown Driver?
Date:02:02:51 29/10/2013

> Hi Guys,
> Get the following error on shutting down Kismet...
> [SERVER] ERROR: Didn't understand driver 'ath9k_htc' for interface 'wlan1', but it looks
> [SERVER] like a mac80211 device so Kismet will use the generic options for it.
> [SERVER] Please post on the Kismet forum or stop by the IRC channel and report
> [SERVER] what driver it was.

> Any idea on how to fix this?

Nothing to fix - it figured it out since it responded to generic commands. I believe this report has been removed from later versions / dev code.

You'll need to manually reconfigure your network back to whatever state you consider sane.

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