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Posted by:a1cy0ne
Subject:compile errors
Date:17:32:24 27/10/2013

network controller: Intel Centrino wireless N-2000
ethernet controller: Realtek RTL8105e
driver r8169
laptop: Lenovo Z580

Kismet configures, compiles, and installs.

Starts with:
-can't connect to server local host: 2501

config.log shows fatal errors:
-gccs no input files
-g++ no input files
...then several
-configure: failed program was:

...however, ./config seems to recover and continues for several pages and
terminates with:
-exit 0

Compilation and install went smoothly.

I've read (and re-read) the README, man pages, cruised the net, browsed the forums and tried what I came across to no avail, thinking that because it compiled and stalled, ./configure wasn't the problem. README reference to capture interface type and source as synonyms is confusing. Would appreciate your input.


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