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Posted by:pjxp
Subject:Kismet Stops Recording Packets
Date:17:22:49 29/09/2013

> > I'm having trouble with the 2013-03-R1 version of Kismet. Kismet happily runs for hours when it is sitting on my desk, but when I drive it stops processing packets after about a half an hour. I don't think this is a GPSD problem because I've encountered the same error using a virtual GPS. Kismet doesn't crash, but somehow the increased number of new networks overwhelms Kismet. When Kismet is running on my desk the gpsxml file keeps growing, but the nettxt file doesn't get too large because not that many new networks are seen. When I'm driving, however, the nettxt file increases to around ~6MB then stops recording gpsxml and nettxt data.
> Try running kismet_server in a terminal and seeing what it dies with.

So it doesn't ever "die", the process kismet_server is still running. But sometimes I get an error "ERROR: TCP client fd 23 socket closed." or "ERROR: TCP client fd 5 socket closed." This might be related to Kismet's interaction with GPSD because then it said "ERROR: No update from GPSD in 15 seconds or more, attempting to reconnect" and then "INFO: Connected to a JSON-enabled GPSD version 3.9, turning on JSON mode". However, if GPS isn't on (or a virtual GPS) then I don't get any error messages, but it just slowly stops seeing new networks/packets. The only feedback from kismet_server is long blocks of "INFO: Saved data files". Maybe I should mention I'm running kismet on Arch Linux on a Raspberry Pi. Thanks for your help.

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