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Posted by:snr
Subject:option to override logging types does not work
Date:12:36:09 29/09/2013

> > When using kismet with [-l log-types], I get the following error in the kismet server console: "FATAL: Malformed 'listen' config line defined for the Kismet UI server", and Kismet exits with error 0. I do not get this error when I do not use the '-l' option. It does not matter what log type I specify after '-l' and it also does this when specifying only one log type.
> >
> > I am using Kismet 2013-03-R0, which is the current Ubuntu Precise (12.04) package available in the repository. I tried compiling kismet-2013-03-R1b but I am getting an error. Is this fixed in the new version?
> -l is for listen. -T is for log types; --help appears to corroborate that so I didn't screw up that; where are you getting told to use -l ? And does -T work?
> -m

It appears the man page is erroneous. My man page is dated September 29, 2013. The output of --help is correct, though. The man page shows "-l Override logging types, comma separated (dump, cisco, weak, csv, xml, gps)" while kismet.conf shows the options, "alert, gpsxml, nettxt, netxml, pcapdump, string". I assume the kismet.conf list is correct and complete? Yes, -T is working for me. Thank you.

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