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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet on ubuntu with gps iphone
Date:14:23:49 16/09/2013

> Hi, I'm working on a wardriving project for school.
> I'm using kali linux and am interested in the compatibility between iphone and kismet. Is it possible to run gps function on iphone and link it to kismet?
> How would this be accomplished? regards

I doubt it due to the restrictions apple places on apps.

The only way it could work is if you can export GPS over, say, bluetooth. If you can export raw NMEA over a bluetooth connection, you can point Kismet at that. If you can export some other format, you can code kismet to listen to that.

You can do this with android - NMEA over bluetooth - but I don't think you can on Iphone. If anyone knows how, please post the tool.

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