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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Identify source of each packet
Date:19:32:54 26/08/2013

> Hi!
> Kismet is working great, but I'm trying to identify which source each packet comes from (two antennas in different directions). I can see the Seen By fields in the nettxt and netxml files, but I'd like a Seen By in the gpsxml file for each packet. My c++ knowledge is limited and I've been trying to copy the relevant code from the file to, but I can't get it working. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is it possible to run different instances of kismet each with a different source?

The code is there; the problem is the export formats that aren't multi-interface aware.

Someday Kismet will support pcap-ng and munge all the sources into a single file using that, where it can still determine where a source came from.

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