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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:gpsd works, kismet doesn't record gps location data though?
Date:03:00:41 10/08/2013

> Hi,
> Working on Raspberry Pi with Wheezy installed.
> Have been trying for the past 48hrs to get kismet to work with gps logging and finally admitting defeat and asking for help!
> Hardware
> Raspberry Pi (512mb model)
> Alfa AWUS036H (With additional power through a USB 'Y' splitter)
> GPS is model Globalsat BU-353 via USB

You don't say what kismet you're running - if you're not running a 2013 variant, chances are it won't talk to a modern gpsd very well; gpsd has changed format a few times.

I suspect the wheezy port on raspi is bringing a much older version with it - for a long time deb/ubuntu have been shipping a 2008 version.

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