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Posted by:jacomoman
Subject:spectool unable to read data from latest WiSpy 900x
Date:06:30:45 26/07/2013

> I'll see about getting one, but thanks for the offer (drop me an email and I can explain more; email at the bottom of the site)

Sure, I'll email you shortly.

> It's configurable; I just didn't have good values for the old one to put in. I should do that. Spectools needs some TLC; I just haven't had time.

That certainly would be excellent. Thanks a bunch for spectool, it's really a well-done project.

> The new 900x should be identical to the old 900x, this is a bit puzzling. I'll see what I can do over the next few weeks - I'll be at Defcon next week so I probably can't get a new 900x and work on it before then.

Yes, you would think. But there's definitely something different about the new dongle (however minute) that's causing this because as I mentioned, it works fine in Chanalyzer, but not in latest build of spectool.


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