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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Signal Strength
Date:02:42:41 25/07/2013

> So, I try to run an Ubuntu Laptop system for my work.
> Sometimes, when I've installed a new Wireless Access Point in a store or restaurant, they want me to wander around the establishment to get signal strength at various locations. Of course they assume I have Windows and can install Netstumbler which does a great job of displaying signal strength.
> From what I've read here in the Forums, this is not an area of strength for Kismet. Does anybody know if this is possible. I'd love to avoid having to partition my hard drive and setting up windows (VM is too slow).

it has nothing to do with kismet and everything to do with monitor mode, and drivers.

Netstumbler doesn't put the device in monitor mode - it's just querying the table of networks from the device, same as if you hit 'available networks' and wrote it down constantly.

Kismet puts the device in monitor mode - which changes how the radio is configured, what the radio measures, and how things are reported. Since a lot of drivers are hacked together w/out full internal info from the card, and a lot of card firmware just doesn't do a very good job w/ signal in monitor mode, and lot of the results are pretty much BS. They're definitely not strongly correlated with the numbers you get in non-monitor mode.

Kismet doesn't have a non-monitor-mode right now.

You could script iw / iwlist or wpa_cli scan / scan_results and logging.

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