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Posted by:dragorn
Date:02:37:26 25/07/2013

> OK, Kismet on my Ubuntu 13.04 system says:
> Client Plugin Auto Load Loaded
> no No
> no no
> How does one cause them to be loaded. I see them in the directory where they are supposed to be in /usr/lib/kismet_client/ (which can also be inferred by the fact that Kismet sees them.)
> The instructions in the GUI confusingly say both
> a) Select a plugin and press enter to toggle loaded/unloaded
> b) Server plugins cannot currently be loaded/unloaded from the UI

server plugins are loaded by the server and aren't dynamically unloadable from the client because they're genreally pretty invasive and can define capture types, etc.

Client plugins can be selected in the client and selectively loaded.

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