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Posted by:jacomoman
Subject:spectool unable to read data from latest WiSpy 900x
Date:04:34:45 24/07/2013

> > I got latest spectool from git repo and built it. Although it successfully detects the latest 900x, it hangs right after detection.
> There have been no changes in the 900x that should account for this; have you confirmed it works on stock chanalyzer?

Yes sir, absolutely. Downloaded Chanalyzer off their website (v4.2.2.27), installed and ran it and sure enough, it's able to kickstart both the new and the old 900x dongles with no issues and display their data. If you have one of the newer 900x dongles you can confirm this for yourself. I'll be willing to buy and send you one if you don't.

One thing of interest that I noticed while looking at the new 900x in Chanalyzer. It offers 2 different ranges in the UI for it. 902-928 MHz and 862-870 MHz. I don't ever recall the older 900x dongle having more than configurable range available. I'm not sure if this is useful info at all, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Thanks very much for looking into this. Let me know if you need me to verify any other info.


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