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Posted by:jacomoman
Subject:spectool unable to read data from latest WiSpy 900x
Date:04:53:48 20/07/2013

I got latest spectool from git repo and built it. Although it successfully detects the latest 900x, it hangs right after detection.

$ sudo ./spectool_raw
Found 1 spectool devices...
Initializing WiSPY device Wi-Spy 900x USB 0 id 5

The list command shows that it sees the device:

$ sudo ./spectool_raw -l
Found 1 devices...
Device 0: Wi-Spy 900x USB 0 id 5
Range 0: "900MHz ISM" 902MHz-927MHz @ 101.00KHz, 255 samples

I happen to have an older 900x device (from 3 years ago) and that device works just fine with spectool, but not the newest one I just bought last week.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has ran into this?
Is there some other ./configure option I can use to configure the code to be built differently?
Are there any debugging options I can configure that'll produce some debug logs/etc to help diagnose what's going on?

Any help getting this working would be greatly appreciated.


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