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Posted by:gat3way
Subject:rtl8192cu support hacked in androidpcap
Date:15:16:47 16/07/2013


> Absolutely; drop me an email at

Will do (once I get that done as right now it's still an embarassing mess). Also, I need to do some progress with the N band and channel switching part which is not working properly.

> Something I've been meaning to add that will help, somewhat, is holding a wakelock so the device doesn't go to sleep during operation.

Yes, that was something I was thinking of as well.

> It may make sense to try to combine the programs, if you're interested in doing so - definitely they'll have a lot of common codebase so long as your stuff is GPL compatible (which is an absolute requirement since the driver code comes from the kernel, at least the 8187 code does).

I suspect the licensing part might be a problem - as the firmware blob (which is necessary unfortunately) needs to be distributed along with the app. The way I hacked it into androidpcap was to put it into assets directory and then read it from there. I am not that much into software licensing stuff so I don't know if redistributing the firmware would be a problem. Actually I don't even know what license the firmware is under, but I suspect it's not GPL'd.

> A long-term goal is to plug Kismet into the backend of the capture stuff as well; it might be very interesting to get a Kismet plugin going that logs hccap, and probably not too hard. Ping me on email or swing by #kismet on

Will do :)

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