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Posted by:axi
Subject:BSS network but BSSID != AP Mac address
Date:02:10:49 16/07/2013

> > Thank you very much for your answer!
> >
> > And what about multiple BSSID/SSID information elements? ( e.g only one beacon and a multiple SSID/BSSID on SSID list / BSSID list IEs each one with their respective indexes )
> Not sure what you're talking about - i haven't ever seen that; got an example?
> SSID is always the same IE tag, so far as I know; did something change I completely missed?

On 802.11-2012 Std. Page 475, On IE list:

SSID List (see 84 2 to 257
Multiple BSSID-Index (see 85 3 to 5

AFAIK it's introduced reduce the overload of multiple beacons on VAPs configurations. I don't know when it was introduced but it seems usefull, and probably implemented on advanced routers ( Cisco, Aruba etc... )?
If Kismet receives this kind of IE, it will detect one BSSID ( it will detect the "real" AP ) and will detect the rest of bssids with data or other frame types, so probably it doesn't matter too much.

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