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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:BSS network but BSSID != AP Mac address
Date:13:57:52 15/07/2013

> Hello,
> I'm writing a network element mapping tool, and I was wondering if there are out there situations or implementations which go against the 802.11 std, using different values for BSSID and AP MAC address.
> I'm also wondering, if there are Multiple SSIDs with same BSSID, how knows Kismet with which one is an STA associated? The only way of knowing this would be to listen to a Mgmt frame like (Prob/Assoc/Auth) when STA is doing the assoc process.

Currently kismet maps clients by the BSSID-Client mac mapping; This at least shows where they're talking from, however it will misidentify wireless clients from one AP which are bridged out to the wireless on another AP as wired clients (since as far as it knows, they are)

You don't really need to catch the probe/assoc (and Kismet doesn't try to track via that since it's easy to miss, especially when hopping), you get the mac of the AP in every data frame.

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