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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:mac80211_setchannel() could not set channel
Date:19:54:02 11/07/2013

> Hi,
> I would like to run kismet_drone on a TP TL-MR3020. I have installed OpenWRT and kismet_drone, and configured kismet.conf.

You're probably not running the latest Kismet (2013-03); this looks like you've got another vap active which is preventing resetting channels.

Try manually ifdowning all the other vaps then trying again; Kismet-2013 tries to do this automatically since it most often occurs on systems running networkmanager.

While you can (usually) do AP+Monitor, if you're trying to be an AP, you can't channel hop - so disable channel hopping in Kismet, which will also avoid this problem.

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