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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet configuration so that normal wifi still work
Date:15:24:52 18/06/2013

> Is there a way to configure kismet so that it can scan the network and yet normal wifi still work?
> I have been experimenting with wpa_scan options, vap mode but everytime I run kismet_server, the network went down.
> I managed to achieve it once, but I can't remember what is the conf as the SD card got corrupted.

If you set kismet to leave the master interface alone (ignoreprimary=true), set it to not channel hop the interface (hop=false) and set it to scan via wpa_supplicant, it MIGHT work.

I've found that since adding the wpa_supplicant feature, a lot of drivers get unhappy making a monitor vap along a managed, even thought it SHOULD work and used to.

I think it will be very driver dependent, you'll definitely want the ignoreprimary=true with 2013 kismet, because it shuts down the base interface to prevent it from interfering with channel operation.

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