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Posted by:Manohar
Subject:To laserpad and dragorn.
Date:10:25:49 13/06/2013

Hello all,

I am trying to integrate snort and kismet, I have enabled kistap0 and I can see the kistap0 in the ifconfig. I started snort on kistap0 interface. But it snort is not logging any data. I can see the kismet UI running and I can see a lot of packets and data from many networks kismet has detected.

I was not sure to start a new thread for this so I am replying on this thread. Can I too get the details and the email you all are talking about.

I can see wlan0 in iwconfig along with wlan0mon. But wlan0 does not seem to be associated with any ESSID.

Please help me on this regard.

Can you please tell me what configurations need to be done in kismet and snort so that snort can read the packets from kistap0?

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 server, snort 2.8.5.

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