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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Getting started - error: You don't have permission to capture
Date:19:04:19 11/06/2013

> Hi,
> I've read the quick start and a bit more of the docs, but don't see a solution. I'm on OS X (10.7.5). I was able to run fine as root after a `make install` but I followed the recommendation and reinstalled with `make suidinstall`. On OS X it uses the group 'staff', and I'm pretty sure my user 'rob' is in that group.

> ERROR: en1: You don't have permission to capture on that device
> ((no devices found) /dev/bpf0: Permission denied)

That doesn't look like a Kismet error message ("You don't have permission"); something in OSX is being weird. Unfortunately I have no idea what; hopefully someone else can chime in. With kismet_capture running as root it shouldn;t be having permissions problems like that.

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