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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Android External wifi Alfa USB
Date:19:13:04 07/06/2013

> FYI. I have Android PCAP working on the new Sero 7 with an OTG cable using the Alfa 036. So you can add that to your list of supported devices. Interestingly, I was able to get it to work without an external power source. When I used a different brand with the same chipset (Sinmax) that worked too but it required an external power source to function properly.

Good to know - different devices have different amounts of power, not surprising some radios work and some don't w/ out a power boost.

> So here is a question: within Android, how do I force the stock ROM to disable the internal wifi and use the external wifi for regular internet browsing. Obviously, if one can use the external wifi to monitor one should be able to use it to transmit and send too. I glanced over the Android wifi APIs but I couldn't see a command that would accomplish that feat.

Can't be done - that's hardcoded into the ROM definitions (build.prop, etc). There generally will be no drivers for a USB device in your build, either - android-pcap is a complete driver implementation in userspace using the android usb api, it's not a network device in any way android understands - it's just an arbitrary usb device some program is using.

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