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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:is brcmsmac driver not supported as source??
Date:15:07:40 04/06/2013

> I am having brcmsmac driver in monitor mode. And am still not able to get started with Kismet. I have just started tinkering with kismet, so am still a noob. Pls help me out.
> This is the output of sudo kismet.

> FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'brcmsmac' in source 'brcmsmac,wlan0,BCM'
> Done.
> What should I do?

a) I don't know what the brcmsmac driver is. If you're on linux you should always use the in-kernel drivers, in general the out-of-kernel drivers are a bit hacky and rarely support monitor mode (or poorly, if they do).

[edit] It looks like brcmsmac is a mac80211 compliant driver and went into the kernel mainline in late 2.6. Update to a modern version of Kismet (and read the new method of configuring sources!) and it should work automatically just by telling it the interface.

b) That looks like a VERY old version of kismet you're using, about 5-6 years out of date.

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