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Posted by:FreierRadikaler
Subject:Kismet_Server telnet
Date:12:52:15 04/06/2013

> Why is there no option "signal" anymore if I connect via telnet to the kismet_server? I read that normaly there should be an output like
> *PACKET: 0 8 00:11:22:33:44:55 -35 0
> *PACKET: 0 8 00:12:34:56:78:90 -71 0
> if I activate it via "!0 ENABLE PACKET type,subtype,sourcemac,signal,noise"
> But the only thing I get is "ACK" and no further output. Even when I just ask for "type".
> Is there somthing broken? Kismetversion: 2011-03-R2
> Alternatively:
> Is there a possibility to cusomize the std output of the kismet server without touching the sources to get those RSSI, MAC and channel values?

Oh mean it was so simple.

1. Update Kismet-Version (2013+)

This was the solution for my previous posts, too. Parsing drone tcp stream is really a Pain in the Ass™!
But a dokumentation for the TCP stream is nevertheless advisable...

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