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Posted by:biat
Subject:Unable to start the kismet_client
Date:03:39:06 29/05/2013

> > FATAL: Could not connect to localhost:2501.
> >
> > Any future help will be highly appreciated.
> Is localhost a valid name? Try starting kismet_server in one terminal then doing 'telnet localhost 2501' and see what happens. Also try 'ping localhost'.
> The other possibility is some sort of problem with a firewall if you're aggressively blocking local to local as well (sometimes a default)

Hello sorry for the rate reply

Tried startin kismet_server and the tried to telnet the localhost

the response from kismet_server terminal was
UI error: TcpServer accept(connect) frin untrusted host

the response frim telnet terminal
Connection closed by foreign host

I can ping localhost just fine.

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