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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:open mesh om2p, openwrt and kismet
Date:20:08:03 21/05/2013

> i have tried with having the wireless interface in monitor mode and having a single vap set up but this didnt make a difference. im thinking it maybe a driver issue, so will check the tcpdump

I expect looking at the dump you'll see one of the following:

a) Limited traffic, like kismet is reporting - this would be drivers not reporting full packets.

b) a ton of corrupt frames - either fcs errors or just driver-corrupted garbage. Kismet won't care about FCS errors, but if the drivers are passing pureed junk or malformed packets it would be good to look at it and see what's going.

c) stuff that looks just fine and like kismet should be reporting it, but isn't. Maybe something is misformed *just enough* for kismet to throw it out.

In b or c, compress the log and email me a link and I'll take a look and see what's going on, see if it's a kismet bug.

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