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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:open mesh om2p, openwrt and kismet
Date:18:10:48 21/05/2013

> we have an open mesh om2p AP with the latest version of openwrt and kismet ( 2013-03-R1b) The ap is based on an atheros SOC and a atheros wireless card
> All is installed fine and i am able to put the wireless card in monitor mode, however after 20 minutes or so kismet has only picked up a couple of wireless networks and clients. Using kismet on another box there is a lot more (around 15) networks and 50 - 100 clients. I have tried a lot of different config changes etc but nothing seems to help. i have also tried running the full server on the AP instead of the drone but no difference. what is there i can try to resolve this?
> When i look at the channels details view i can see there is quite a lot of packets showing up (in the thousands) on all channels but not sure if this means anything at all.

I'm going to tentatively point at the drivers / multivap setup being the problem, since there isn't much that would let kismet parse some but not others.

If you want to dig deeper, try running tcpdump on wlanXmon while Kismet is running, and then look at the log file in Wireshark - if you want, compress it and email me a URL and I'll take a look at it, too.

One good bet is that your other system is channel hopping, while the system running mesh code is not hopping - that will severely limit the # of packets you see. Unfortunately there's really no way to hop & be a useful mesh node (or AP).

You could try turning off the mesh functionality and run Kismet w/ only a monitor mode vap created; i bet you'd see very different results.

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