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Posted by:shutin
Subject:Kismet not spotting clients
Date:02:42:51 15/05/2013

> I'm running Kismet 2013-03-R0 on a Raspberry Pi, and it doesn't seem to be very successful at detecting wireless clients.
> As a test, I booted up my laptop, had it connect to my wireless AP, and ran a flood ping (a minimum of 100 packets per second) for 15 minutes (transmitting a quarter-million packets in the process). My laptop didn't show up as a client. I tried the same thing with an open AP that a neighbor runs, with the same result.
> Clients do show up occasionally for wireless APs, but not very often. Any idea what's going on?

What distro and what card? I'd had very spotty performance from the the Pi with supposedly supported wifi cards. Especially that stupid Edimax miniusb dongle that everyone says is supported but which is crap in my opinion. What you need to do is try using an Alfa with powered usb hub. Which brings me to my next point..

The Pi has serious problems with power supply. If you are just plugging a wifi dongle directly into the Pi, you are gonna have a bad time. It could be dropping in and out, which could explain why it isn't detecting clients. Make sure you are using a POWERED usb hub connected to the Pi.

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